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Cocktail Of The Month

Only during February

Dita Von Teese - 14€

G’Vine, Skyy Vodka, Passion Fruit Syrup, Lychee Liquor
Prosecco, Grapefruit and Prosecco Foam

The Whisper Cocktail Company

At The Whisper Cocktail Company, we have set ourselves a challenge… to Make Cocktails Great Again! And we need your help.

Because after this peculiar “prohibition” It’s time to go back to doing what we do best.. Make you enjoy and hit the cocktail shakers so… shake it, shake me!

If you still don't know…Cocktails are our passion and that's what we want you to feel every time you try a drink at our cocktail bar in Alicante.

This may not be Manhattan, but we assure you that The Whisper Cocktail Company is ‘the place to be in’ Alicante.


Discovering new cocktails while learning a little about bartending sounds good, right?

That’s what our Paladeos are for!

We like to do things our way, with our essence, that’s why we organize Paladeo. It is not a tasting, it is not a sampling, it is not a masterclass, it is all of the above but above all, it is to have fun drinking some cocktails while we tell you what you do or do need to know about cocktails.

Are you coming or are you going to let them tell you?

Coming Paladeo


From lat. innovāre.
Change things by introducing novelties.

Adaptation and innovation are the principles that pursue us to create new cocktails that will make you go crazy.

We do not forget the past, tradition makes us learn from the best but we also look to the present and the future to rediscover flavors and innovate and make you enjoy new drinks and experiences.

Our maxim? Live. Feel. Discover.

If until now you had not been able to find your trusted cocktail bar in Alicante… Here we are! Always dirty!

What are you waiting for to enjoy a good cocktail in “La Terreta”?



Sí, como lo lees, Gatsby Cocktail Club ahora es

pero no te preocupes, somos los mismos de siempre. Simplemente que ahora hablamos más bajito.